Seiklejate Vennaskond on noorteorganisatsioon, mis loodi mitteformaalsel kujul juba aastal 2003, praeguseks on tegu MTÜ-ga. Aastatel 2004-2015 oleme korraldanud üheksa noortevahetust ja kaheksa koolitust Eestis ja viinud läbi mitmeid kohalikke üritusi. Oleme üks Eesti suurimaid saatvaid organisatsioone, saates aastas sadu noori ja noortega töötavaid inimesi noortevahetustesse ja koolitustele. Samuti oleme saatev organisatsioon EVS vabatahtlikele, meil on projekte nii Euroopas, Aasias kui Aafrikas.

15 jaanuar 2013

Vabatahtlikuks Maltale

Seiklejate Vennaskond on sõlminud partnerluse Malta organisatsiooniga, et saata 3 Eesti vabatahtlikku tööle loodusparki Maltal. Vabatahtliku teenistuse kestvuseks on 2-4 kuud ning esimesed projektid algavad septembris.
Kandideerima on oodatud keskkonna huvilised noored ning kandideerimiseks tuleb saata oma CV ja motivatsioonkiri (inglise keeles) 19.01.2013ks
, lisades juurde oma vabatahtliku teenistuse kestvuse soovi ja oma emergency kontaktisiku. Eriti ootame kandideerima maapiirkonna noori, töötuid noori, majandusraskustes noori. Samas ka kõik teised on oodatud.  Juhul kui projekt saab toetuse, kaetakse kõik kulud, ise tuleb katta ainult 10 % sõidukuludest Maltale. Valiku teeb vabatahtlike osas Seiklejate Vennaskond.


Nature path of volunteering

The nature reserve ‘Rinella’ is the place open to those who has a passion for nature and who wishes
to make nature sustaininable. People visit the nature reserve to gather more energy/ power to fight
daily stress and matters, to refresh their minds and get rid of the stress from the whole body. The
main idea behind this created project, is to encourage young people to become active citizens in their
community, to get them involved in the protection of green areas, to become part of local society and
to be a model example for any youth living in the same region. Moreover it gives them the opportunity
in acquriering new knowledge and exprience in sustainable organic farming which will make their
value on the labour market higher and increase the possibility to find a future job.
We believe that nature makes all people around the world peaceful, therefore the nature reserve is the
right place to build mutual understanding and tolerance between different youth representing various
culture habits and traditions.
Through the cooperation between other European organizations involved in volunteering we will
visualize the European cooperation in youth field and get over more activitites for volunteers. Due
to the fact that in this nature reserve each year a number of interns and volunteers are coming from
different Universities, shools and other youth organization, our promotion of European cooperation in
youth field is more than visiable.
The participation of young people will be the foundation of the project, as well as the inclusion
of young people with fewer opportunities. While volunteering, youth will develop or improve their
competence, increase the value on the labour market and bring experience which they can utilize in
future personal or working life.
To have the volunteers comming from a less privileged economic and cultural background will bring
a challenge to our organization and assist to gain knowledge and experince, which would be shared
between the participants and our members, during volunteering time.
To follow the annual priorities in the proposing project we will prepare a number of trainings and
practical workshops to develop and improve volunteer’s competences for personal,social and
professional development, in order to support their creativity and intiatives in selfemployment and
Considering the second annual priority on unemployed people will have equal access to the project to
stimulate their domestic unemployment and to enhance the mobility of young unemployed people and
get them actively involved in society.
Through the volunteering in a nature reserve, young people will develop environmental manners and
attitudes towards nature, as well as raise the youngester’s awareness and mobilization around global
environmental challenges and climate changes.
Project duration: 1st September 2013 – 1st September 2015
EVS duration: from 2 -4 months
Participants per SO: max. 3

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